Materials in Car Body Engineering Summit

Materials in Car Body Engineering Summit

Location: Berlin, Germany

We are pleased to announce the launch of Materials in Car Body Engineering Summit, which will take place on 14th and 15th April 2016 in Berlin, Germany. This summit will delve into the presentation of latest concepts and trending topics in vehicle materials, concentrating especially on lightweight designs. It will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the recent projects within the automotive industry, and to hear about the latest foundings directly from the inspirational speakers. Besides the individual presentations, this summit is meant to provide an active networking platform for the participants, to help them with reviewing their strategies and creating solid future plans. The summit will provide a great opportunity to review the characteristics of different kind of materials in the engineering process.

Date & Venue

April 14-15, 2016

Berlin, Germany


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The Speakers

To get a glance at the full list of speakers please request the brochure

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit

  • Lightweight materials in car body and in structural components
  • Lightweight materials in mass production
  • Latest joining techniques
  • Plastic parts: Innovations in material and moulding
  • Doors and seating: Materials for frames and foams
  • Cost-efficient and innovative multi-material manufacturing
  • New Aluminium Lightweight Technology
  • Carbon fibre composites in car body engineering
  • Future opportunities for thermoplastic materials

Who Should Attend

This summit will gather CEOs, Directors, Heads & Managers Of Leading Automotive Material Developers, Suppliers and Buyers Including:

  • Material Development
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Body Structures
  • Lightweight Construction and Vehicle Weight
  • Technology Development – Composites
  • Technology/ Advanced Technologies
  • Materials Concepts
  • R&D
  • New Business/Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Lightweighting & Lightweight Design

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