Airport security systems to be revised after recent terror attacks!


Airport Security Systems To Be Revised After Recent Terror Attacks!

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Airport security threats have risen over the past year due to the conflict in Syria and its refugee crisis. Airport security systems need to be reviewed in order to attempt to avoid airport security threats in the future.

The most recent airport security breach was the March bombings at the Brussels airport. A couple days later a second aviation incident occurred with the hijacking of a plane from Alexandra to Cairo, which landed in Cyprus.

Millions of people everyday go through airports and trust the security measures put in place around the world. These attacks raise fear and anxiety within the general public whilst raising the question of how we can prevent such events and make airports throughout the world safer. Many countries such as the USA, Australia and Canada have all placed a travel security warning out for Belgium which is set to ‘exercise a high degree of caution’ due to the latest threats.

After the 9/11 attacks in the United States, the world went under a complete overhaul of security systems within the airports, which have mainly remained in place today. Although, an overhaul of airport security should be paramount to look at new opportunities for airport security due to the introduction of new communication technologies, increasing passenger numbers and the rise in security threats. Even though there was some warning about the Belgium attacks, it is imminent that such events cannot always be avoided. There is no better time than now to attend an airport security summit.

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This year the Annual Airport Security Summit will raise key issues and discuss cyber Security in regards to threats and protection plans
including critical elements within airports and how to prevent loopholes.

With the recent raise in airport security awareness the annual airport summit would be beneficial to every airport security worldwide.


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