PayU – overview on our bronze sponsor for the TravelTech Innovations Summit


PayU – overview on our bronze sponsor for the TravelTech Innovations Summit

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We would like to officially thank PayU for becoming our Bronze Sponsor for the TravelTech Innovation Summit, which will be held at the Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam on the 15th – 16th of September 2016.

PayU is a leading online payment service provider with a presence in 16 markets across the world. They are dedicated to creating a fast, simple and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers. They focus on matching merchants’ needs with the way consumers shop and pay. Whether someone wants to make a payment online on a computer, tablet, mobile device, e-wallet or even offline, their 250+ payment methods are designed to make it fast, simple and secure.

Some Facts about PayU:

  • They have over 160,000 merchants worldwide who use and trust PayU services.
  • PayU have more than 10 million digital consumer accounts.
  • Merchants have the choice of more than 250 payment options for their consumers.
  • They have over 1,400 payment specialists.


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Traveltech summit

TravelTech Innovation Summit

Learn about the latest technology trends and advances within tourism and hospitality industries whilst listening to highly informative presentations, from expert speakers, on new ideas for developing products and fresh viewpoints on future projects.

Key Practical Learning Points Of The Summit:

  • Mobile Advertising and Moment Marketing
  • Personalizing Digital Services and Predicting Customer Behaviour
  • Highly Customized Mobile Platform
  • Data-driven Decision Making for Future Success
  • Latest Innovative Technological Advances
  • Mobile Travel Payments and Mobile Wallets
  • Keeping up with the Ever-changing Customer Behaviour
  • Targeting Mobile Apps and Mobile Web

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