David HarelPresidentAsero Worldwide

    David HarelPresidentAsero Worldwide

      David Harel recently retired from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) after 23 years of service in a number of counter-terrorism and protective security posts. Mr. Harel advises ASERO clients on strategic solutions for security preparedness and provides internationally recognized training on a wide variety of relevant topics for Homeland Security.

      Mr. Harel has led large scale threat, vulnerability and risk assessments for Ottawa International Airport in Canada, Changi Airport in Singapore and a number of other facilities in the commercial, hospitality and transportation sectors in Canada, the United States and Singapore, among other countries. He provides training on threat, vulnerability and risk assessments for critical infrastructures, airports and other facilities for public and private sector clients throughout the world. 

      Prior to joining ASERO, Mr. Harel was Head of International Relations for the Protection and Security Division of the ISA. His responsibilities included the developing and overseeing strategic international relations with security agencies worldwide.

      Mr. Harel served in senior field positions in all ISA duty areas: aviation security, installation security and dignitary protection. He also has several years of experience in both intelligence assessment and risk management. Mr. Harel’s service includes a three year period at the ISA’s security and combat academy where he commanded the course for security managers.

      In addition to his role at the ISA, Mr. Harel has held many high-level security positions throughout his career including: Commander of training programs for security managers at the ISA Academy (1998-2001); Regional Security Manager for El Al security operations in Scandinavia (1995-1998); Intelligence Branch Agent, ISA (1991-1995); Philippines Embassy Security Manager (1988-1991); Dignitary Protection Unit Member (1983-1987); and, El Al Airlines Sky Marshal (1981-1983).

      Mr. Harel hosted the first international forum on aircraft security and served on the Tactical Advisory Security Committee, which was formed to give professional assistance to the Greek
      authorities for the protection of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. 

      Mr. Harel received his Bachelor of Arts in Political and Security Studies from Bar Ilan University in Israel, where he graduated with honours. In 2003 he received an ISA award for excellence for
      his contribution to the agency. He is a lecturer on homeland security studies at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). He is fluent in English, Hebrew, and French.

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