Mart VergouwenManaging DirectorI-SEC Nederland B.V.

    Mart VergouwenManaging DirectorI-SEC Nederland B.V.

      Mart Vergouwen is 49 and joined I-SEC Nederland as from the start of their security operation at Schiphol airport in 2008.

      He is Managing Director of I-SEC Nederland B.V. and is responsible for the management and all what goes along in this I-SEC International subsidiary. He holds an MBA of The Hague University.

      Next to this Mart is a member of the management of I-SEC International, the holding company with subsidiaries worldwide.

      He started his career as a security guard at Schiphol airport and joined one of the I-SEC subsidiary’s in 1993 as security supervisor.

      I-SEC Nederland has a workforce of more than 1500 security staff at Schiphol Airport and is responsible for large part of the passenger security services at Schiphol airport as well for the security services towards employee’s.

      Mart is as from the privatization of the security services at Schiphol airport since 2003 present in this field of work as general manager, managing director.

      He was involved in the greater and smaller changes and innovations that took place over the last 14 years at Schiphol airport. Next to his dedication towards security at Schiphol airport Mart’s drive is to combine security with hospitality. Together these two are making security better and stronger and give a more pleasant experience to the passengers.

      Mart is member of several work groups and committees at Schiphol Airport (public-private initiatives within the aviation sector) dealing with shared security services.

      His slogan is: together, mind you only together, we can achieve everything.

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