Hester VermeulenProfessor, IQ HealthcareRadboudumc

    Hester VermeulenProfessor, IQ HealthcareRadboudumc

      Hester Vermeulen has been appointed as full professor of Nursing Science at Radboud University of Nijmegen the Netherlands. She is a nurse and clinical epidemiologist.  In 2006 she obtained her PhD on research into Evidence-based improvements in postoperative care: at the interface between nursing and medicine. Before she worked as a senior researcher at Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam and as a associated professor Evidence Based Preoperative Care at University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

      Her research focuses on the underpinning of common nursing procedures,  in other words fundamental care, to increase the quality and safety of care and the professionalism of nurses. With special attention for nursing sensitive outcomes both on patient, professional and organizational level. The second focus of her research is to improve the nursing work environments to create an innovative and professional culture in which the nurses can apply their care in a positive context.

      Her activities have led to roughly 90 international scientific publications e.g. in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review, Clinical Infectious Disease, British Journal of Surgery, , Journal of Hospital Infection, BMJ Open, International Journal of Nursing Studies and Journal of Nursing Management. Moreover, Hester has written over 200 papers in professional journals and books to make science for nurses accessible and attractive.

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