Pierre-Paul BertieauxGeneral Manager Belgian Mobility Card

    Pierre-Paul BertieauxGeneral Manager Belgian Mobility Card

      Pierre-Paul Bertieaux obtained a Civil Engineer, option computer science, diploma at the Belgian “UCL” University in 1986. During 30 years, he has worked for different IT Service companies, including Olivetti, Siemens and IBM. He has worked on different IT projects, including the implementation of the back office of one of the regional operators in Belgium. He has also worked as Innovation manager.

      Beginning of 2016, he has joined Belgian Mobility Card (BMC) as General Manager. BMC is responsible of MoBIB, the transport smartcard in Belgium. Globaly, BMC has the responsibility to design and implement a unique ticketing system for passenger’s public transportation in Belgium. MoBIB is a Calypso card, used by the four Belgian public transport operators. Each Belgian region has its own operator plus the railways, managed by a federal operator. The four operators, have decided to have a common company, managing the transport card to give the interoperability across Belgium for all public transport users.

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