Alexander EisenhauerBuilding Segment ManagerLafargeHolcim

    Alexander EisenhauerBuilding Segment ManagerLafargeHolcim

      – Supports countries in the development of end-user driven segmented offers (e.g. prioritization, customer discovery, designing of value proposition, action planning)

      – Creates the business rationale and the go-to-market path for several short & mid-term innovations (e.g. supports and challenges pilots, proof-of-value VS Next Best Alternative, Value-Sharing model, deployment plan, branding & prescription)

      – Contributes to designing and qualifying the central Building segment 2020 Innovation roadmap

      – Understands key global trends that drive the building segment worldwide to design approaches and new offers to be deployed in countries (e.g. Green Building)

      Alexander cares about:

      • Civil Rights and Social Action
      • Environment
      • Human Rights
      • Poverty Alleviation



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