Matthew EganCEO and FounderModularize Ltd

    Matthew EganCEO and FounderModularize Ltd

      I started a company called modularize Ltd in 2011 and since then the company has grown year on year and we now have very nice offices at Liverpool Science Park in the UK.

      When focus our work on something we call modern construction. This is a term we like to use and when we say “modern construction” we are really summerising anything innovative for the construction sector. Sometimes this innovation is achieved by way of building sections of a building in a factory and then assembling them on site to accelerate the construction process. By building this way you can achieve huge benefits over traditional construction. All around the world this way of building has different names. Often it’s called offsite construction, other times it’s referred to as manufactured construction, modern methods of construction, offsite production, prefabrication or pre-assembly. Don’t let this fool you though. No matter what you might call them, there are many proven methods of delivering new buildings faster, cheaper, with less accidents and with less impact on the environment.

      Answering the question of how we incorporate these technologies and materials into a rapidly evolving construction sector for the benefit of our clients is the task we set ourselves every day!

      The future for construction means doing things differently now to how they’ve been done in the past. Modularize is here to help you to steer your organisation soundly into the brave new world of construction.

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