Philippe LucasSenior Vice President, Strategy, Architecture & StandardisationOrange

    Philippe LucasSenior Vice President, Strategy, Architecture & StandardisationOrange

      Philippe Lucas is Senior Vice President, Strategy, Architecture & Standardisation at Orange. Philippe holds a Master of Science in digital signal processing from the Polytechnical Engineering School of Grenoble. Philippe holds the challenging task of developing the technical strategy, end to end architecture & ensuring the standardisations work carried out with industry bodies is accurately deployed and executed throughout the Group’s territories’. Philippe is also in charge of the Group development of the eSIM related products and services.

      Philippe is a member of the Products & Services Management Committee of the GSM Association, chair of the Standardisation & Innovation Committee of the French Federation of Telecommunication, ex-Vice Chair the Board of the European Telecommunication Standard Institute and a founder of the Open Mobile Alliance.

      Philippe’s expertise working in the telecommunication technologies and standardisation bodies in GSMA / 3GPP / OMA / ETSI spans over 25 years. These responsibilities include the successful application for over 20 patents mainly in the cellular domain, the most recent of which involving innovations developed in the areas of HD Voice services, MMS, RCS services, VoLTE as well as SIM standards.

      Philippe is married and has three adorable children.

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