Veljko JanjicCEO & Co-FounderBexel Consulting

    Veljko JanjicCEO & Co-FounderBexel Consulting

      Veljko Janjic got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Starting several IT companies as well as working on several IT projects for the government, he gained significant experience in project management, organization and IT skills. He went on to found BEXEL Consulting in 2005, motivated by the high cost overruns, missed schedule deadlines and inadequate quality of construction projects. He believed this could be overcome by developing comprehensive BIM processes and highly advanced and specialized software solutions for their implementation.

      Veljko holds the position of CEO, managing company strategy, key projects BEXEL has been involved with, as well as development of state-of-the-art in-house software solutions for BIM analyses, including 4D and 5D construction scheduling and 6D Facility Maintenance.

      He has been a guest lecturer on various conferences and universities, educating companies and individuals of the benefits, potential and multiple ways BIM can be implemented and utilized. Also, he holds a seat on the Executive Committee of BIM Slovenia, a non-profit organization for promoting, coordinating and implementing BIM on government and other projects in Slovenia.

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