Ticketing Innovation Summit – Highlights from this year’s summit.


Ticketing Innovation Summit – Highlights from this year’s summit.

Annual ticketing innovations summit heading

This years Ticketing Innovations Summit paved the way for key ticketing professionals to discuss fresh perspectives, forge essential contacts and learn how to strengthen their businesses. Additionally, we explored security and new ticketing technologies issues and the market regulations involved.

Our attendees had the rare opportunity of looking at ticketing systems and tools from a customer’s perspective, which gave them informative insights into their businesses and allowed them to exchange knowledge on current marketing strategies.

We also had a team of experts who reviewed case studies that provided our attendees with a wealth of new ideas on the best practices in ticketing systems.

ticketing innovation summit beat schwegler

Beat Schwegler speaking about the future of beacons.

Beat Schwegler (Director of Cloud Evangelism at Microsoft) gave breathtaking insights on the future of beacons and the power of predictive analytics whilst deliberating the combined power of proximity data and predictive analysis.

The way forward into integrated mobility was discussed by Ralph Gambetta the Secretary General from Calypso Networks Association. Furthermore, he explained the relevance of standards, intermodality and interoperability whilst mentioning mobile and open loop payments.

Philippe Thouin from Cubic Transportation Systems discussed the urgent transport challenges facing us in our cities. Philippe also compared examples of contactless and account-based tickets in the UK and the US, which raised the question of whether a single travel account can be helpful in order to overcome these problems.

Miguel Saez from UL shared interesting perspectives on EMV in Transit. He explored the details of how EMV can be used both in card-centric ticketing solutions and account-based ticketing solutions whilst reviewing the key components for EMV acceptance in Mass Transit.

Yannis Zervos (Business Development Manager at Intellitix) explained how to Leverage RFID smart ticketing to enhance your guest experience in regards to learning how to best integrate RFID solutions into your event and increasing on-site guest spending with a Cashless Payment System and gaining unprecedented audience insight and sales data.

Here is a short video on the overview of Intellitix RFID solutions for festivals and events:


Ticketing summit panel discussionWe had an insightful panel discussion on ‘Optimizing your customer’s experience’ with Mike Burden the Director of Burden Consulting, Alessandro Mancini the Ticketing & Tourism General Director at EXPO, Michal Lorenc Head of Industry – Ticketing & Live Events at Google and Carme Fabregas the CIO at ATM Barcelona.

ticketing innovation with smart ticketing

Below is the list of key themes from this years summit:

  • Learning from the best practices in smart ticketing systems.
  • Complying with the Consumer & Data Protection Regulations.
  • Comparing the benefits of the pricing manipulations with its pitfalls.
  • Preventing Fraud and Improving Brand.
  • Innovative Ticketing Marketing Strategies.
  • Building the Business case for Mobile ticketing.
  • Understanding Ticketing from a Customer’s Perspective.

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