Upcoming Summits Overview


Upcoming Summits Overview

We specialise in bringing people together through outstanding strategic business conferences & summits, professional training and b2b congresses. The Annual TravelTech Summit, Annual Innovative Learning Spaces Summit and Annual Smart Wearables Innovations Summit are the exciting, innovative and informative summits coming up in September.


Below is a close up on each of these summits and where you go to get more information.


traveltech innovations summit

TravelTech Innovation Summit

15th – 16th of September (2016) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This years TravelTech summit will delve into the latest technology trends and advances within the hospitality and tourism industries. Expert Speakers will offer participants new ideas for developing their products and innovative new viewpoints on future projects. Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities will be a vital part of the summit. Furthermore the summit will provide a platform to assimilate new ideas on how to improve products and grow profitability within the hospitality and tourism industries.

As a thriving tech and ICT hub, Amsterdam will serve as a perfect venue for the summit, with its impressive digital infrastructure and multicultural, open atmosphere.

For more information on the Annual TravelTech Summit, Enquire here!


Innovative Learning Spaces Summit logo

Annual Innovative Learning Spaces Summit

22nd – 23rd of September (2016) in Prague, Czech Republic.

This year the Annual Innovative Learning Spaces Summit will explore the challenges that higher education institutions are currently facing. Innovative learning environments can support each institution’s mission of enabling student learning. The summit will provide an excellent platform for a greater understanding of the link between pedagogical practices and learning space designs. Expert speakers will offer participants innovative new ideas and viewpoints on further development of the existing learning spaces and future projects.

The summit will also provide active networking platforms that will allow participants to review their strategies whilst creating solid future plans. Furthermore, the summit will provide an inspiring environment for further discussions about the importance of learning space design whilst offering new tools for evaluating current designs.

For more information on the Annual Innovative Learning Spaces Summit, Enquire here!


 Smart Wearable Technologies Summit.

22nd – 23rd of September (2016) in Barcelona, Spain.

This year the Annual Smart Wearable Technologies Summit will address the big themes and innovations taking place in wearable technology and connected devices. Exchange knowledge and informative insights with leading experts and discuss current landscape for wearables and where they are headed.

This summit is an ideal platform for C-Level executives, Senior IT experts, industry leaders, distributors, investors, retailers, start ups and developers to present their strategy, latest product announcements and vision for a wearable and connected future. The purpose of the conference is to create a perfect atmosphere conducive to developing strategies for future success and achieving real results whilst encouraging active networking!

For more information on the Annual Smart Wearables Summit, Enquire here!

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