Smart ticketing – What it is and why use it in public transportation?

Smart ticketing – What it is and why use it in public transportation?

Smart ticketing machine in public transport

Smart ticketing is the innovative way forward for many public transportation companies. This new technology is an extremely useful, efficient and cost effective tool to use rather than older forms of ticketing. Smart ticketing is a system that electronically stores a travel ticket on a microchip, which is then usually embedded on a smartcard. Many public transportation companies use smart ticketing for passengers to seamlessly hop on and off their busses, trams or trains without having to use traditional payment systems. The Oyster in London, the Octopus card in Hong Kong, the MoBIB card in Brussels, the Clipper cards in San Francisco and the Smart Rider card in Perth are all examples of smart ticketing systems used for public transportation.

Smart ticketing is an extremely useful tool for public transportation companies and governments because they can easily track the routes and times taken by passengers. This will help in future development of the public transportation systems and routes for future planning. Furthermore, smart tickets are more secure from fraudulent activities because the card can be deactivated once reported stolen, and the remaining credit can be refunded or transferred to a new card. Adding credit to these cards in advance reduces the time for queuing when passengers are boarding the service. Smart ticketing can also reduce the operation costs with the removal of printed ticket machines.

The Annual Ticketing Innovations Summit held in June 2016 will look at best practices in smart ticketing, and how to create a complex and high volume Smart Ticketing application that will satisfy your customers.

For more information about the Annual Ticketing Innovations Summit click here!

Smart ticketing will be a key focus at this years Annual Ticketing Innovations Summit.

This summit will also look at themes such as:

  • Complying with the Consumer & Data Protection Regulations.
  • Comparing the benefits of the pricing manipulations with its pitfalls.
  • Preventing Fraud and Improving Brand.
  • Innovative Ticketing Marketing Strategies.
  • Building the Business case for Mobile ticketing.
  • Understanding Ticketing from a Customer’s Perspective.

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