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Join us and global executives as we return for our 5th Global Smart Water Summit, which will take place on the 6th - 7th of June 2024 in Berlin, Germany. This edition will focus on practical case studies around modern filtration techniques, securing water data, improving reuse/recycling practices, advancing net-zero water management and other solutions that address the evolving challenges of water scarcity to optimize water utilization.

The summit will bring together utility specialists, water treatment experts, environmental engineers, technology developers, sustainability practitioners and water management professionals from various industries to share their knowledge and expertise on IoT, AI, blockchain, digital twins and other innovations transforming the water sector. Join leaders from global brands to discuss cutting-edge solutions, trends and collaborative strategies aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities within the realm of smart water technologies.

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders, discuss all of the latest developments transforming water infrastructure and create solutions to improve our water sources for the future.

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Meet some of our speakers

Dr. Gesche Grützmacher
Head of Water Supply
Berliner Water Companies
Mili Myrteza Terstena
Head of Automation/Senior Water Consultant
Hans Buchholz
Environmental Compliance Manager Water, Waste Water, Biodiversity QEHS
Eva Martinez Diaz
Head of Sustainability and Smart Systems
Isle Utilities
John Durkan
Sustainablity and Environmental Manager
ABP Food Group

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Key Practical Learning Points:

  • IoT-based Water Consumption Monitoring & Lead Detection Driving Smart Water Usage
  • Nanotechnology Enabling Advanced Water Filtration
  • The Growing Need for Efficient Water Desalination Technologies to Provide a Reliable Source of Fresh Water
  • Improving Water Use through Smart Irrigation Systems
  • Waste Management Solutions Helping Remove Microplastics and Plastic Pollution from our Oceans
  • Net-Zero Water Management: Achieving an Energy-Positive Municipal Water Supply
  • Blockchain Technology Providing Data Security in Water Management Solutions
  • Oxidation Advancing Wastewater Processing
  • Integrated Water Management and Water/Nutrient Neutrality

Who Should Attend:

This summit will bring together CEOs, CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Leads and other Senior Level Executives dealing with:

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Resources Management
  • Water Reuse and Recycling
  • Industrial Water Management
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Water Conservations and Sustainable Water Management
  • Municipal Water & Wastewater Utilities
  • Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions
  • City Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • & Others!

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