Privacy policy

We consider the protection of personal data to be a key issue. The purpose of this document is to provide you with comprehensible and comprehensive information on the collection and processing of personal data, in particular:

  • Why we process personal data

  • To what extent and how we process them

  • Who is involved in data processing and to whom data can be transferred

  • What are your rights when processing your data

The Personal Information Manager is the company Luxatia International s.r.o., registered seat at Soukenická 23, Praha 110 00, ID no.: 032 18 899, registered with the Municipal Court in Prague, insert C, file 228940 in connection with providing a close-door events (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”).

Purpose of processing of personal data

1. Processing of personal data without the consent of the data subject

In order to conclude and perform a contract, we must identify and process your personal information. Without these data, we cannot offer and provide our service – issue a valid ticket for the Conference. Therefore the law in this particular case does not require your consent to processing your personal data

2. Processing of personal data with the consent of the data subject

Processing for purposes other than those listed above is only permitted with your consent. Granting such consent is voluntary, but in some cases it may be prerequisite for negotiating and providing a service.

Data obtained with your permission may be used primarily for the following purposes:

a. Sharing your contact details with other participants of the Conference.

b. Ensuring the safety and quality of the services provided; We can also contact you to verify that you have been satisfied with our services.

c. Marketing purposes, in particular market researches and marketing campaigns; Marketing campaigns encompass invitations and newsletters).

d. Creating statistics and customer programs even after our collaboration has ended.

3. Revocation of the consent

The consent to the processing of the personal data referred to in section 2. can be fully or partially withdrawn by a written notice delivered to the address of our registered seat. Withdrawal of the consent referred to in section 2. cannot be done without termination of the provided service. Until the end of the contract in accordance with its terms, we can continue to process your data.

The revocation of the consent however does not affect your personal data already processed and shared with other participants of the organized Conference. In case you don't want your personal data to be shared with the other participants, you have to inform us in advance at least three days prior to the Conference date.

The scope of personal data

The range of personal data we process includes address and identification data, or further descriptive details of the contractual relationship and other personal data.

Specifically we process in particular: name, surname, work position, employer – company, contact details including electronic contacts (e-mail).

We process all data for the above mentioned purposes or for other purposes, to which you specifically grant us the consent.

We do not require or process sensitive personal information.

Data sources

We collect personal data:

  1. Directly from you when you register for the Conference.

  2. From publicly available registers, lists and records and/or other third parties.

Method of processing

The personal data of our customers are constantly protected. Personal data processing is carried out manually as well as in the electronic information system that is subject to physical, technical and procedural controls.

Personal data are processed through our employees as well as third parties (processors) under a contract for the processing of personal data that meets all the above requirements for security (esp. IT technology providers to the processing of personal data). All persons with personal data come into contact in the performance of their employment or contractual obligations, they are bound to secrecy.

The period of the retention of personal data

We process and store personal data for as long as necessary to ensure all rights and obligations arising from the fact that you have attended out Conference, i.e. always at least for the duration until the Conference date and for a period during which the trustee is obliged to keep the data in accordance with generally binding regulations or for which you have given us for processing consented. In case of approval, this period is 5 years, in other cases it follows the processing time of processing or is determined by legislation.

Right to the repair of personal data

  1. Everyone whose personal data we process may require information about the processing of his or her personal data. For providing the information we have the right to demand reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs necessary to provide such information.

  2. In case you find or believe that the processing of your personal data is contrary to the protection of your private and personal life or in violation of the law, you may:

    a. ask for clarification,

    b. require that we eliminate this situation, in particular you may require blocking, repairing, adding or deleting personal information.

    We will always inform you promptly about your request.

  3. You also have the right at any time to address your complaint to the Personal Data Protection Office.