About the summit

Join us and global executives as we return for our 2nd World RPA & AI Summit in Barcelona, Spain on September 5th and 6th. This edition will focus on evolving trends around RPA & AI technologies, including growing opportunities to automate working activities, partnerships between RPA providers and cognitive technologies vendors, intelligent automation and AI techniques and data processing.

This event will bring together business leaders, technical experts, key stakeholders, and other industry experts to discuss solutions to reducing human intervention in IT applications. Leading professionals from global brands will be in attendance to share their experiences and discuss the latest trends in RPA and AI innovations.

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss strategies like introducing automation and cognitive technologies to drive your business forward.

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Meet some of our speakers

Armand Angeli
President, SSC and RPA committee, DFCG
Didem Un Ates
Senior Director, AI Customer and Partner Engagement
Richard Benjamins
Data & AI Ambassador
Šarūnas Šuipis
VP, Operations and EUROC Site Leader
Western Union
Miles Quinton
VP Cognitive Process Transformation
Linus Fugl
Senior VP, Head of Transaction Banking Customer Service Delivery
Danske Bank

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Key Practical Learning Points:

  • Identifying RPA & AI use causes
  • Introducing automation and cognitive technologies to your business
  • RPA deployment and scaling
  • RPA & AI technologies: engaging customers and employees
  • Cognitive technologies paired with RPA: factors behind its growth
  • Automation vs. outsourcing: inevitable replacement
  • Intelligent automation and AI techniques
  • RPA & AI use in data processing and analytics
  • Best practices and challenging examples: use of AI & RPA in various industries

Who Should Attend:

The summit gathers business leaders, technical experts and key stakeholders in areas such as:

  • Robotics
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Excellence
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Innovation & Digitization
  • Shared Services
  • IT or ICT Enablement
  • Big Data
  • Customer Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Lean Management
  • Operations Transformation
  • Business Process Management & Outsourcing
  • & Others!

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