Join us and global executives as we return for our 5th Annual Ticketing Innovations Summit in Berlin, Germany on September 23rd and 24th, 2021. This edition will focus on the technological advancements in the public transport sector by taking a closer look at the latest innovations being adopted to enhance ticketing operations and fare collection methods while creating a more enjoyable and efficient passenger experience, increasing ROI and reducing operational costs.

This hybrid event will bring together experts in the fields of public transport, ticketing, mobility, urban transit, payment operation systems and more. Leading professionals will be in attendance to share their experiences and discuss the latest trends in the transportation industry.

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry experts and discuss the latest ticketing advancements and possibilities.

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This event will focus on key topics such as:

  • The Rise of Third-Party Apps That Allow Payment for Public Transit
  • Is Transit Tech Heading Toward A Subscription Model?
  • The Push Toward Open Platforms Driving Mobility Services
  • Is the Future of MaaS Public, Private or Both?
  • XiXo - Next Gen Ticketing
  • Ticket Dematerialization Creating Innovative Pricing Schemes
  • Mitigating Privacy and Data Risks When Utilising Biometric Ticketing Solutions

Who should attend:

This summit will gather together CEOs, CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, Heads and other Senior Level Executives dealing with:

  • Passenger Transportation
  • Ticketing and Fare Collection
  • Smart and Integrated Ticketing
  • Data Security and Big Data
  • Mobility As A Service (MaaS)
  • Mobility On Demand (MOD)
  • Electronic/Mobile Payments
  • Public Transportation
  • NFC/Chip/Smart Cards/RFID/E V
  • Transit Strategy
  • Information and Ticketing Services
  • Fare and Smart Ticketing
  • Passenger/Customer Experience
  • Contactless & Urban Mobility
  • Ticketing and Payments
  • POS Terminals





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