About the summit

Join us and global executives as we return for our 8th Design Thinking Summit in Berlin, Germany on November 28th - 29th. This edition will be packed with practical workshops, networking opportunities and real-case studies focusing on mastering human-centered design principles, cultivating ideation, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, measuring design impact, and applying cutting-edge design thinking methods that are reshaping the landscape of product, service, and process innovation.

This hybrid event will bring together senior design professionals from various industries to discuss practical solutions for crafting seamless user experiences, designing for social impact, fostering design leadership, navigating organizational changes and harnessing the power of modern technologies to address complex challenges and drive positive change in organizations.

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders, participate in engaging workshops, discuss all of the latest trends and tools in design thinking and create solutions to move your business forward.

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Meet some of our speakers

Yifan Liu
Senior Art Director
Karolin Ahlqvist
Design Director Customer Experience
Vinicius Sales
Global Design Director
Laura-Maria Freiberg
Head of Customer Experience and Design

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Key Practical Learning Points:

  • Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration to Address Diverse User Needs Inclusively
  • Employing Emotional Design Techniques to Establish Deep Connections with Users on an Empathetic Level
  • Analyzing User Behaviors to Minimize Failure Rates and Create Solutions That Resonate Effectively
  • Utilizing Advanced Analytics to Drive Data-Driven Design Decisions and Enhance User Experiences
  • Embracing Emerging Technologies like AI for Next-Generation Experiences, Staying Adaptable to Evolving Trends
  • Integrating Sustainability and Ethical Considerations into Design Processes to Contribute Positively to Societal and Environmental Well-Being

Who Should Attend:

This summit will gather together CIOs, CDOs, Directors, VPs, Heads, Managers and other senior-level executives having expertise in:

  • Human-Centered Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Design & Delivery
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Product/Service Innovation
  • Experience Design
  • Technology & Digital Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Strategic Development
  • & Others!

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