Join us and global executives for our Correctional Facilities Design & Development Summit on June 10th and 11th. This virtual edition will focus on how new building designs and innovative technologies make internal processes better align with the priority of rehabilitation and successful reintegration.

This event will bring together architects, designers, criminal justice practitioners, correctional facility representatives and technology solution providers to discuss recent challenges in daily operations and share insights on strategies to construct a safe and secure environment. Gain exceptional knowledge on the latest industry trends and discover how to use intelligent technologies to build facilities of the future.

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss all of the improvements in correctional facilities to help drive change in the rehabilitation process.

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Meet some of our speakers

Alan Dilani
International Academy for Design and Health
Are Høidal
Prison Governor
Halden Prison
Misak Terzibasiyan
Founder and Owner
Suky Atwal
Prison Infrastructure Director
Ministry of Justice
Caroline Struik
Beyond Bars Institute
Patricia O’Hagan
CEO and Owner
Core Systems Ltd

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Key themes for this year’s summit include:

  • An empathetic, humane approach to correctional facility design creating a healthier, safer environment
  • Mobilising the design, construction and operation of prisons of the future
  • AI, VR and other technologies transforming rehabilitation processes
  • Improving healthcare operations through new innovations and improved policies
  • New ways of looking at resident programmes
  • Identifying Technology Needs and Innovations to Advance Corrections
  • Achieving Transformation through Building Designs

Who Should Attend:

This event will bring together top experts from the following disciplines:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Construction
  • Criminal Justice
  • Technological Innovation and Transformation
  • Operations and Operational Risk Management
  • Research and Innovation
  • Government Administration
  • Correctional Facility Representative
  • Prison Reform Specialist
  • & Others





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