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Join us at DigiMASTER 2016 in Paris this year!

Many business professionals, marketers and PR leaders don’t understand digital marketing – yet it is the highest growth area in business and one of the leading ways that businesses and organizations are transforming. Staying up to date on the latest marketing skills is vital to your career success. This Professional Training will help you discover the most important aspects of Digital Marketing in a hands-on, intimate, invite-only series of digital marketing classes. It is a not-to-miss event for marketing professionals who would like to learn more & boost their skills in Online Strategies, Marketing Technologies and Social Media. Use this chance to learn from the top experts and strategists that have also conducted trainings at such companies as Google, GE, P&G etc.

Meet some of our speakers

CEO & Digital Marketing Strategist
Agent-cy Online Marketing
Michael Leander Company
CEO & Founder
Golden Way Media Ltd

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Training 1– Digital Marketing

  • How to understand misconception of SEO in online marketing & how to comprehend SEO from buyer’s point of view
  • How to get advantage of the latest Multilingual Digital Marketing trends
  • How to pinpoint Multilingual SEO trend in 2016: Who started it? How it became a trend? Why is it important for ecommerce?
  • How to get smart with Google Algorithms. The impact of Google RankBrain in search engine optimization – Multilingual SEO and content marketing
  • Pay Per Click: crash course on Google adwords, shopping advertising, Video advertising, Facebook PPC

Training 3 – Social Media Marketing

  • How to craft a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy that drives branding and lead gen results
  • How to use B2B Social Networks for proper Social Selling
  • How to generate original content that drives engagement and thought-leadership
  • A review of the top Social Channels and How to utilize differently for specific marketing goals
  • How to focus on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Facebook and get the proper use of ad platforms


Training 2 – Marketing Technologies

  • How to improve your marketing- and sales funnel effectiveness
  • How to shorten sales cycles through better marketing automation
  • How to effectively managing data points in order to achieve better prospect- and customer profiling, which in turn will improve relevancy and timing of communication programs.
  • How to plan, test and execute winning nurturing programs
  • How to use lead- and customer scoring for maximum impact


Training 4 – Data Analytics & CRO

  • How to estimate the value of data analytics
  • How to set up the best tools for collecting meaningful data analytics
  • How to properly analyze the data – what’s useful and how can it be actionable
  • What Conversion Rate Optimization is and how it can be useful for your business
  • How to take advantage of the Conversion Rate Optimization tools
  • How to better utilize techniques for implementing and improving the CRO of your website
  • How to keep in perspective benchmarking figures to measure against
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