About the summit

We welcome you to the first and only industry-wide event of its kind tailored to in-memory computing-related technologies and solutions. The In-Memory Computing Summit 2015 is a unique opportunity for networking, education and the exchange of ideas for technical IT decisions makers, implementers and developers.

The conference provides insights into current implementations as well as the future of in-memory computing, includes technical deep dives as well as business-focused sessions, and offers community and networking opportunities for attendees and partners.

Key Practical Learning Points:

  • The Velocity Of Business Requires In-Memory Computing
  • In-Memory Computing: From Big Data to Fast Data
  • Evolution of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and Why It Is Ready Now
  • Implementing Operational Intelligence Using In-Memory, Data-Parallel Computing
  • In-memory computing with SAP HANA: The Next Era Of Data Architecture
  • Anatomy of an In-Memory Data Fabric: JCache and Beyond
  • Real-time Interactive Big Data Analysis Using In-Memory Computing
  • Open-Source In-Memory Platforms: Benefits of Coming Out of the Closet
  • Designing a Big Data Analytics Platform

Who Should Attend:

In Memory Computing Summit is for :

  • CTOs,
  • Vice Presidents,
  • IT directors,/IT managers,
  • Data scientists,
  • Senior engineers,
  • Senior developers,
  • Architects,
  • Technologists and more
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