This year’s 2nd Annual Ticketing Innovations Summit is held over two days in Lisbon, Portugal. This year has an outstanding speaker line up with noteworthy case studies, workshops, panel discussions and interactive panels focusing on a wide range of topics on ticketing within the transport and event industries.

The summit has been specially designed with two tracks: tLiveEntertainment and tTransport. The tTransport track will focus on the latest technologies in regards to NFC, mobile ticketing, standards, data analysis, fraud detection and interoperability. Whereas, the tLiveEntertainment will focus on fans, customers and engagement regarding marketing strategies, data analysis, crossing borders and personalizing the customer’s experience.

Chairing this year’s summit is Mike Burden, the Director at Burden Consulting Ltd. Mike has over 20 years experience in transport systems engineering ranging from research into electronic payment systems right through to designing smart card automatic fare collection systems.

The Summit provides a platform for key ticketing professionals to forge essential contacts whilst discovering how to create new strategies and strengthen their businesses by interacting with key industry leaders.


Below Is A List Of Main Topics That The Summit Will Address:  


  • Learning from the best practices in smart ticketing systems.
  • Could Mobile Ticketing replace smart cards in public transport?
  • Comparing the benefits of the pricing manipulations with its pitfalls.
  • Preventing Fraud and Improving Brand.
  • Innovative Ticketing Marketing Strategies.
  • Extending audiences reach through digital channels.
  • Empowerment and Engagement: Making customers central to the ticketing experience.
  • Understanding Ticketing from a Customer’s Perspective.
Attendees to the 2nd Annual Ticketing innovations Summit will be at management level in all industry stakeholders, from chip and components manufacturers to ticket manufacturers, ticket bureaus, security printing companies and IT. Not to mention, software developers, systems integrators to transport & network operators, venues, leagues, stadiums and event organisers.


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