Before the 4th Annual Ticketing Innovation Webinar, we had the opportunity to interview the chairman, Ralph Gambetta. Ralph is the Secretary General for Calypso Networks Association.

Calypso Networks Association represents a state of mind that contactless electronic ticketing users and not the manufacturers are in control. They have the vision to provide all transport operators with the technology needed to secure contactless transactions between the terminal and portable devices.

In our interview, Ralph shares his experience in the industry as well as what he expects from the webinar. Let's see what he has to say:


You attend many ticketing conferences throughout the year. What impact do you see these conversations having on the ticketing market?

The conversations during conferences and exhibitions are crucial to get a live update on the current technological evolutions and allow networking opportunities to enrich one’s personal and professional background.


Rome recently implemented a program where people can purchase public transportation tickets with plastic bottles. What are your thoughts on this? Do see other cities adopting similar strategies?

All initiatives to increase the share of public transport are welcome. There is a large variety to do this, starting from granting access to public transport systems for free like in Luxemburg or Tallinn, to discounted trips for various customer segments. The CO2 reduction is a societal responsibility that is of concern to all of us and we should carefully think how we can individually contribute to this aim.


Account-based ticketing and mobile ticketing are already widely adopted, what do predict as the next step for ticketing?

I wouldn’t say that ABT and mobile ticketing are widely adopted. The numbers of schemes and related users are not yet very high. Seen the current trend to dematerialize tickets, both trends are showing fast and promising evolutions. Next steps for ticketing are surely related to biometrics. Deployment of these technologies will mainly depend on the legal framework conditions that are locally provided. 


Biometrics are being heavily invested in within the aviation industry. What is Calypso doing in this area?

Calypso Networks Association is an organisation where evolutions are decided by the users of the technology. So far none of our members has suggested any works on biometrics. The association will keep an eye on this and launch initiatives if necessary. 


What are your expectations for this year’s Ticketing Innovations Summit?

Seen the speaker line up, I expect high-level insights into recent technological evolutions, firsthand experiences of successful ticketing scheme deployments, open exchanges on governance aspects in the field and an outlook on where the ticketing industry will develop in this new mobility ecosystem.



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