Recent events have increased the demand for virtual access to industry knowledge, interactive sessions led by industry experts and networking opportunities with peers. Although some countries have begun to lift their own restrictions, there are still many affected by lockdowns and travel bans.

For those who cannot attend physical summits or those who choose not to, we are pleased to offer the option of an online pass, which allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of a physical event virtually.

Let’s explore the benefits of attending online events:

Accessibility – Gain valuable knowledge from thought leaders while never leaving the comfort of your home. View the conference presentations directly on your PC, phone or tablet. Online events allow you to attend from anywhere, paving the way for a larger, more diverse audience.
Cost Saving – Online events eliminate travel costs, hotel accommodations, food expenses, etc. so you are only responsible for the registration fee. This not only saves you money but also time since you do not have to worry about scheduling anything aside from time for the summit itself.
Hear Real Experiences – Working remotely can make you feel that you are handling any issues that arise alone but through the experiences shared during virtual events, you can see how other organisations are handling current situations and discover solutions to push your business forward.
Networking – Networking is a benefit of any event but it is more important than ever during this time of social distancing. These opportunities to exchange insights and establish valuable business connection can’t be beaten. The benefits compared to traditional events is no time crunch to meet everyone you’d like to in between sessions and it’s easier to collect information from the people you meet online. Aside from the business aspect, it is good to have that human connection and sense of community during troubling times on a personal level.
Alternative Learning – Online events provide alternative learning options such as workshops, interactive sessions and group discussions that couple nicely with different speaker presentations. Opportunities like these allow you to leave with new knowledge or a new skill set, which is super beneficial on its own.
Self-Investment – You no longer have to be in a huge venue full of thousands of people to achieve self-growth. Online access to our events lets you invest in yourself in a less committal way. Invest in yourself, your business and your employees without having to break out your business attire. Get inspired by others and revive your motivation by feeding off the energy of your peers during these virtual sessions.


For these reasons and many more, we are thrilled we can continue to provide a platform for global brands and industry experts to come together to network, share knowledge and discuss the latest innovations helping organisations be successful through the pandemic and beyond.

Traditional online webinar platforms are outdated but recent innovations are closing the gap between physical and online events. New technologies allow real-time, personal discussions, just as you would have at a physical event.  The latest innovations bring virtual access to life so these summits offer much more than just absorbing information from a screen.

We have several events coming up with the option to attend in person or through online access. This allows you to choose which option is best for you and does not limit anyone from taking part in these important discussions.


Learn more about our upcoming events and register today to join us for an exclusive virtual experience!