Delve into the latest trends in regional and global aviation in the MRO environment. The summit will also provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the recent projects
and technological advances within Aviation MRO directly from the inspirational speakers. This year’s Annual Aviation MRO Summit will be held on the 29th – 30th of November 2016 in Munich, Germany. The Aviation MRO Summit will provide an inspiring environment for further discussions whilst offering new tools for evaluating current business plans.

We have gathered top experts in order to gain experienced, accurate and noteworthy case studies within the aviation MRO industries.

Below are some of our key specialist speakers: 



                       Emmanuel Marquis


Joel Glusman is the President & CEO of TALA, which is the only logistics provider that is entirely dedicated to the Aerospace industry. Joel will discuss improving efficiencies in the supply chain in regards to why too many parts are ordered on an AOG basis, lack of communication and trust among all sectors of the supply chain. 



                               Pascal Parant square image

                                      Pascal Parant



Emmanuel Marquis is the Managing Director at TRIGO, which offers a comprehensive range of preventative and corrective high quality inspections and management services within the transportation industries. Emmanuel will discuss ‘An Insight on the Global Aerospace Supply Chain Challenges and How Competitive Pressure is Calling for New Quality Management Solutions’ in regards to the new era of aerospace supply chain, constant increase of manufacturing quantities, supply chain quality level challenges, quality control between a supplier and a customer, quality control strategies and course of actions.


                                    joel glusman

                                        Joel Glusman


Pascal Parant is the VP of Marketing at AAR Corp where he is responsible for building lasting relationships with existing clients and developing senior executive relationships whilst attracting new OEM customers. He will discuss the change of the MRO landscape with new generation aircraft including engine maintenance, components, composite aircraft new challenges, licenses and OEM strategies.


Besides the individual presentations, the event is meant to provide an active networking platform for the participants, which will help them with reviewing their strategies 
and creating solid future plans. Networking breaks will give
 the possibility for industry leaders to gather and discuss the future projections, risks and the potential behind new ideas.


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Key Practical Learning Points Of The Summit:
  • Regional and Global Aviation MRO Trends
  • Leasing Trend Projections
  • Efficient Airline and MRO Partnerships
  • Next Generation Technology and Future Predictions
  • Predictive Maintenance and Engine Monitoring
  • Perspectives on Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing
  • Global Supply Chain and MRO Aftermarket Logistics
  • Performance Restoration and Part Replacements

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