The Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit will take place on the 7th -8th of December in Berlin, the city of many ambitious construction projects, with an interesting history in architecture and urban development.

The summit will explore the challenges that the construction industry is facing in today’s future-driven building projects and to the best methods for making the planning phase as successful as possible.

Recent developments and an economic turnaround suggest that the future of European construction market is looking bright and the new phase of growth has begun.

The summit will delve into the latest advances and future challenges in different aspects of planning and scheduling related topics within construction industry. Not to mention, offering deeper insights and fresh viewpoints about topics such as project planning, estimation technology, visualization and building information modeling. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about recent projects and innovations from the inspirational speakers.

We have gathered top experts in order to gain experienced, accurate and noteworthy case studies within the construction planning and scheduling industry. 


                    tomi henttinen

                            Tomi Henttinen


Veljko Janjic is the CEO & Co-Founder of Bexel Consulting. Starting several successful IT companies as well as working on several IT projects for the government, Veljko gained significant experience in project management, organizational and IT skills. He went on to found BEXEL Consulting in 2005, motivated by the high-cost overruns, missed schedule deadlines and inadequate quality of construction projects. He believed this could be overcome by developing comprehensive BIM processes and highly advanced and specialized software solutions for their implementation. Veljko will be giving a captivating presentation on Lean BIM project management in practice – implications, challenges and benefits of planning including procurement, management  and progress control with 3D/4D/5D/6D BIM.


              predrag jovanovic

                 Predrag Jovanovic


Tomi Henttinen is the founder of the BIM consulting company Gravicon Oy and he works currently as the Director of Research and Development and Senior BIM Consultant in the company. Gravicon provides everything in BIM from modeling to BIM coordination and management. Tomi will be discussing how BIM effects to design and construction scheduling in regards to the pros & cons of BIM in scheduling, improving knowledge and the supporting the use of BIM.




                              veljko janjic

                                        Veljko Janjic


Predrag Jovanovic  is the Project BIM Coordinator and Senior Technician at Arup. Predrag is in 3D modeling technologies since 2002 and in BIM since 2008. During this period, he was working for several local and international companies. His experience covers e.g. BIM modeling and CAD/BIM management, 3D SMEPC BIM coordination management and BIM/Analysis data interoperability. Predrag will be examining virtual design tools and virtual prototypes in regards to BIM an intelligent project model, sharing the embedded information
, BIM modeling and management, the future of BIM
 and revit structure for engineers and technicians.


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Key Practical Learning Points Of The Upcoming Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit:
  • Analytics and Predictive Modeling
  • The Interaction between BIM and Advanced Lean Construction Methods
  • The Combination of Agile Software and Skilled Experts
  • Benefits from Advanced Virtual Reality Tools
  • Visualization of Construction Scheduling
  • CPM and PERT in Scheduling Complex Projects
  • Structured Collaboration and Centralized Communication
  • BIM-based Design and Planning Processes in Construction

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