Construction companies are progressively embracing automation and digitalization to successfully overhaul their workflow, asset management, back-end administration and innovation capabilities. Smart construction asset and equipment tracking technology helps increase precision, decrease waste, build resilience and sustainability. According to Deloitte, the implementation of digital technologies can help accelerate progress towards enterprise goals such as financial returns, workforce diversity, and environmental targets by 22% yearly on average.

Revamping the construction industry by adopting digital means is expected to pass cost savings on to the customer while maintaining profitability. Understanding where in your process that technology may deliver efficiency and help keep you one step ahead of the competition is crucial as construction technology and equipment get increasingly complicated and expensive.

Our 6th Annual Digital Construction Summit will bring together construction, architecture, engineering and other industry experts to discuss how new innovations and modern processes are shaping the future of construction and which strategies have set up their companies for success.

Let’s look at some of the major construction trends that will play an important role in 2023:

Project Planning and Management Solutions

Teams are getting more and more dispersed across different locations. To improve productivity, it’s important to have a single source solution that integrates all team data and communication so that workflows can be easily managed from the office to the field. Having a strategic approach through collaboration and scheduling software can help facilitate the allocation of resources and reduce overall project risk.

At our upcoming 6th Annual Digital Construction Summit, speakers from Kier Construction, BIM Project, VisiLean Oy & Sablono GmbH will share their knowledge on tracking resources, projects, tasks to reduce costs, increase productivity and meet important deadlines.

Data-driven Insights

Companies can more precisely anticipate and plan their projects with enhanced data accuracy. Having the most up-to-date view of project costs provides team members with important insights to see if things are running behind schedule or over budget sooner. Modern systems can unlock the hidden potential of historical data in order to run advanced predictive models to further aid decision-making to reduce frequent errors and unnecessary delays.

Join us in February to hear case studies from Knauf Insulation, Saint-Gobain, Trimble, IBM and others on how leveraging data can increase supply chain efficiency to ensure the success of your construction projects.

Automation with BIM, Robotics & AI

Robotics can trace the site with millimeter precision to the smallest details of your digital plans. The data collected in combination with AI can be used to create workplace safety solutions and monitor the interactions between personnel, equipment, and items at the job site in real-time and notify managers of any potential problems. Taking it a step further, technology like BIM and VDC streamlines project workflows to increase business performance and productivity by creating a real-life simulation of the complete lifecycle of a building.

At our upcoming Summit, we will have the opportunity to explore BIM/AI/Robotics impacts on construction operations from brands such as Buro Happold, Transport for London, China State Construction, Sweco AB & AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.


The summit is a can’t miss opportunity to hear real experiences from leading executives on ways to become more efficient, productive and sustainable when working on complex projects. Aside from the valuable knowledge our speakers will share, you will also have several networking opportunities to build beneficial business connections with leaders in the industry.

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