The GreenTech IP Summit will provide a platform for discussing practical strategies for development and exploitation of green IP portfolios in order to maximise revenue and position businesses for success. The Summit will take place on 23-24 March 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

We offer strong forward-thinking solutions in evolving legislative landscape, monetisation and maximization of green technology IP and mitigation of risks.

The GreenTech IP Summit will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn more about recent projects and innovations from our highly experienced speakers within the industry.





Dr. Guillaume Henry is the Attorney, Partner at  Szleper Henry Avocats.  Guillaume has 20 years in IP (patent, trademark, copyright, software, data protection). He is a member of Paris Bar (France) and partner of the law firm SZLEPER HENRY Avocats. He represents clients in the complex industrial property disputes, as well as providing them with advisory services.

Guillaume has a practical and academic focus on green technologies. He will give a presentation on 'Obtaining Certification Marks and Crafting and Trademarking Strategy that Results in Strong Registered Marks Unique to Your Product' trademark and opportunities for companies to use high-level ecolabels.







Dr. Serge Rebouillat is the IP and Technology Strategist at  DuPont. Serge has been with DuPont Company for more than 25 years. After working in the US and in the UK, he is now at Geneva Headquarter, where he is leading the technology and IP/innovation strategy for DuPont Protection Technology, EMEA region, and consultant for Nutrition & Health business.

Dr. Serge Rebouillat will be giving a case study on "IP Strategy, Business Model and Open Innovation Mindset for Effective Business Strategy within and Green Chemistry Environment"; maximise the value extraction opportunity for internal/external IP, maintain/expand the freedom to operate and minimise legal/competition exposure.  



Dr. James Watson is the Chief Executive Officer at  SolarPower Europe, and he has been acting since 2014. Dr. James Watson was the Director of Public Affairs for Weber Shandwick for 7 years, and public affairs consultancy in Brussels. He worked on the energy portfolio with clients such as Shell, Total, IOGP and FuelsEurope, as well as on international trade issues. Before coming to Brussels, Dr. Watson worked for the Commonwealth Secretariat on a European Commission project on sustainable development based on Ethiopia for 2 years.

Dr. James Watson holds a PhD in International Trade and Environmental Law, an LL.M in Environmental Law and in Law and Politics. He has published books and articles on issues of trade, environment and development.

Dr. James Watson will be discussing 'Outlook for Solar in Europe and Beyond', covering the deployment trends and markets, tech developments and business model developments.


In addition to the individual presentations, the GreenTech IP Summit will also provide an active networking platform for participants to gather together and discuss future projections and risks and potential brand new ideas.

The purpose of the event is to create a perfect atmosphere for developing strategies for future success and achieving real results.

Key Practical Learning Points: 
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Green Branding and Marketing.
  • Utilising Effective Tactics to Protect and Enforce IP Rights.
  • Contracting for an IP License.
  • Expert Strategies for Leveraging Resources.
  • Commercializing Green Technologies.
  • Developing Strategic Licensing Models for Green Technology to Monetise IP.
  • Monetising Patent Portfolios: Best Practices from Leading Patent Strategists.
  • Current and Future Trends in Green Energy Technologies.
  • Leveraging Government Assistance and How Your Business Can Benefit & Others.