We had a fantastic time hosting the 5th Innovative Learning Spaces Virtual Summit on November 26th and 27th, 2020.

Valuable industry knowledge was shared over the two-day event focusing on designing learning spaces that empower learners and teachers to succeed.

The event was chaired by Mark Swales with Sheffield Hallam University. He moderated us through discussions with educational experts from University of Amsterdam, University of Glasgow, University of Copenhagen and more.

On the first day, we discussed topics about the future role of informal learning spaces when thinking about the whole educational ecosystem and how institutions changed their approach in light of the pandemic.

We also had the pleasure to experience a virtual interactive session that was led by Anna Donato, from Creative Workshop Design, which showed how we can use creative thinking during times of crisis for personal growth.

It was a great networking opportunity that allowed people to connect with other attendees and build the foundation for professional relationships with other educators.

The second day was filled with practical case studies about the developments in immersive technology to support on/off-campus learnings and how the shift to online learning is integral to programmes of study.

We had a wonderful time with Tom Broens virtually touring the renovated University of Amsterdam multi-functional active learning space. It provided a real-life example of how technology can adapt quickly to different learning styles and support longer interactive sessions with learners.

Attendees also had the pleasure to experience a great demo case study from Dan Pearson, Principal and CEO with USP College.

Through a live lesson demo, Dan was able to show us how USP College created an immersive space to enable collaborative learning that supports multi-campus delivery and discussed the positive impact these spaces have on learning outcomes.

Stephen Heppell, with Universidad Camilo José Cela, followed and shared his perspective on how the era of coronavirus lockdowns and isolation have redefined spaces of learning and working.

Even though we were not able to meet in person this year, we were still able to generate engaging group conversations through our interactive sessions across both days.

The summit closed with more industry insights focusing on innovative design that transcends the physical boundaries of space and how design thinking can create thoughtful learning spaces.

It was refreshing to see and hear from others that are invested in the latest innovations in learning environments.

We are so happy that during this difficult year we’ve had that we can provide an ideal atmosphere conducive for active engagement, networking and knowledge exchange that supports new innovative thinking.      

If you missed your opportunity to join this event, feel free to join our LinkedIn group which includes many of the speakers and attendees from the event. You can network with a group of like-minded individuals and stay up to date on the next edition.