Smart wearable technologies are the future in regards to most aspects of everyday life.

Smart wearable products are items such as accessories or clothing which contain advanced electronic or computer technology. Smart wearable technologies has been designed in order to make the users life (personal or business) easier with useful functions and features. Smart wearables are going as far as creating a contactless heart rate sensor.

The smart wearable technology market will increase globally at a compound annual rate of 35% over the next five years. Not to mention, Smart watches will account for just over 70% of all shipments by 2019.

With this massive increase in purchases of smart wearable products it is time to get a deeper understanding of smart wearable products and how they can help your company, organization or business.

This year the Smart Wearable Technology Summit will address the big themes and innovations taking place in wearable technology and connected devices.

James Williams is a Design Ethics Expert at Oxford University and he will be discussing ‘Ethics: Wearables, Data Collection and Privacy’ in regards to discussing the current regulatory framework applicable to wearables, privacy and Data security and strengthening consumer confidence in your brand and minimizing the risk of regulatory scrutiny. Not to mention interesting topics from Jeanne Forget – VP Marketing at Bosch Sensortec, Willy Van Puymbroeck – Head of Unit Nanoelectronics at the European Commission and Keith Baker – General Manager Wearable Sensing Technologies at Philips. 


                                                Wearable computing or wearable computer vector illustration of body-borne computers and machine intelligence.


The Following Are Topics That Will Be Addressed During The Summit:
    • Market Dynamics and Development Trends
    • Latest Policies & Regulations for wearable technologies
    • Big Data & Sustainable Ecosystems
    • Human–Machine Interaction & Information Security
    • Innovative Raw Materials and Components
    • Consumer perspective on the wearable technologies
    • Innovative Study of Different Application Fields
    • Discussion of Industry Prospects

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