Forward Sensing is a venture that aims to optimize the entire value network in real-time through collaborative, data-driven foresight. We are building a collaboration platform that provides visibility across the entire supply chain. This is done by intelligently linking existing order data to detect disruptions at an early stage.

With the final stage of development, the platform aims to include the following eight modules: supply chain transparency, CO2 guidelines, supply chain protection act, material supply bottlenecks, trends, transportation optimization, product portfolio optimization and sales forecast.

Forward Sensing differentiates itself from the competition by requiring only minimal data exchange. We do not need master data – only transactional data (e.g. from orders and their confirmations). Forward Sensing is also an open ecosystem for all industries, which not only vertically represents the individual supply chains in silos, but also creates network effects between the participants of different supply chains. Of course, this is done under the highest data protection requirements and is based on the optional release of additional information (e.g., production capacity and inventory levels).


Mr. Maximilian Schefz

Head of value added Services Europe for thyssenkrupp Materials Services
and Founder of Forward Sensing