Many summits or conferences have networking sessions, as do we. However, we actually have a few different types of networking opportunities because we understand that people form relationships differently. The first networking session you will find at our events is the, “Breaking the Ice” Speed Networking Session.

Networking Collage

What is it?

The “Breaking the Ice” Speed Networking Session separates us from other business event hosts because it is set up in the style of speed dating without the need for awkward small talk. This is a 30-minute opportunity to connect with as many other individuals in your industry as possible.

Meet the speakers and other attendees of the summit, exchange business cards and have small introduction conversations with a maximum number of people. The goal of this networking session is not to have groundbreaking conversations that last longer than a few minutes. That opportunity will come in the later networking sessions.

The “Breaking the Ice” speed networking session is designed to establish initial connections, learn who else is attending the conference with you and possibly find out who is facing the same challenges as you (but you will explore this more in the other networking sessions too).

This session helps everyone get comfortable with each other before the keynote speakers start and gives you a preview of what a longer conversation could bring later on.


How does it work?

After the opening remarks from the chairman of the event, participants will be paired up and have a set time – generally a few minutes – to introduce themselves and what company they are from. If time allows, you can also share a success story or challenge from your business. Our conference producer will be there to signal when it is time to make a new connection and to keep everyone moving.

Think of this as a friendlier elevator pitch approach. You are not trying to sell your company or get the person to do anything, you are simply exchanging information and gathering what connections will be beneficial to pursue more at the later networking sessions.

If you think the connection is valuable, exchange business cards and plan to meet up later on during the summit. If you do not find any shared interests with the person you are speaking with, you will quickly get the opportunity to move on to other possible connections without wasting time in long conversations.

Breaking the Ice Speed Networking Sessions

We have seen many personal and professional relationships start during the “Breaking the Ice” Speed Networking Session and we are excited to see the outcome of this session at future summits.

Look through our upcoming events, find which ones interest you and register today to experience our invaluable summits and take advantage of this unique networking opportunity.