World Voice Innovation Summit: Interview with Vishnu Saran, CEO of VoiceQube

1. Could you tell us more about your recent projects and VoiceQube products? 

VoiceQube is building two major products right now. One is called Gyanie. It is a suite of educational software modules that teach kids various subjects using stories, gamification, and interactive learning. We believe that the future of interaction and voice is for next-generation consumers. Hence our idea is to start developing more applications for them that would decentralize education and personalize it to an extent that students would no longer feel pressurized and they can learn at their own leisure. Gyanie will have a game on devices like Alexa, Google home with which students can talk to and follow instructions in the middle of a collection of activity-based learning exercises. 

We are also building a hospitality automation product called Elaachi that is all set to take over the hospitality industry by a storm. The guests need not pick up the telephone to place any room service requests or orders. They can just talk to the voice assistant placed in their room and their request would be accepted, processed and even delivered without involving another person in the conversation.


2. What were your incentives to enter the Voice technology industry?

I strongly believe that Entrepreneurship must actually be defined as solving problems. I am an empathetic person by heart and it pained me when I saw that the knowledge capital of the world - India is also very far in the educated population index. This started thoughts in my mind that gave me sleepless nights. It was a problem that needs a creative, technologically advanced solution. That excited me the most. The entrance to the vast domain of human-computer interaction - a subject that is going to loom over the entire human population in the next two decades starts with the gateway into Voice Technology.


3. What are the next steps for the Voice Applications? Could you share your thoughts on that?

I think the next step for Voice Applications would be to penetrate the PC and computer market by increasing efficiency and user experience. People would be using voice to make things easier like answering emails, getting the emails read out, sending a calendar invite and etc.

 Voice also in my expertise would see a drastic change in hardware. I predict that the final winner in this voice assistant race would be a personal assistant with multiple wake words and no invocation word.


4. Which industries will be influenced by Voice the most? Could you share with us your predictions regarding this?

 I think any industry that has information vending can use Voice. My three biggest predictions would be:

  1. Education
  2. Hospitality and
  3. Customer service


I strongly believe and hope that customer service would transform into a more conversational nature rather than a menu system that is often very annoying and time-consuming.

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