1) Can you tell us about AI-training.nl , Holland Consulting Group and their vision for the industry? 

AI-training is providing training and consulting to companies that want to understand what AI is and how it can deliver real value. It also delivers implementation support so that real value is actually being delivered. Vision: Start small and now with AI but only if you have a real problem that requires AI.


2) What is the biggest challenge you will see in the industry right now?

Executives and Managers not having enough knowledge about what AI is and how it can be applied to their organizations. This lack of knowledge leads to unrealistically high expectations and also makes it very hard for people to come up with ideas on how to get started and create a good business case.


3) What are some of the latest RPA & AI technologies you are excited to see in the market?

I am excited about Auto ML technologies. It means that you do not have to be a data scientist to create and apply machine learning models to your problems.


4) What is the unique industry you have seen impacted by RPA & AI innovations? How did it affect them?

I think HR will be impacted greatly for two reasons. 1. There is a lot of AI tooling already available for HR functions from recruitment to career management to predict who will leave the organizations. This means a lot of work will change. 2. AI will impact the employees in organizations, which means that HR should be able to help the rest of the organization with this transformation and help to make a transformation towards collaborative intelligence (humans and machines working together).


5) What do you expect from this year's summit?

I expect to hear more about intelligent / cognitive automation. And meet and learn a lot from other companies.


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