By exploring new technologies & partnerships, space agencies and commercial space sector suppliers will pave the way for new data and new solutions to some of the planet’s biggest problems.

The efficient use of intersatellite connection is one of the potential satellite technologies that can supply high-data rate connectivity anytime and anywhere. The ability to transport specialized data from a ship to land or an aircraft to the ground, and vice versa, is made possible by such linkages that enable data transfer between (software-defined) satellites in various orbits.

Our World Satellite Connectivity Summit on February 9th and 10th is an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders, discover key issues and review the latest advancements within satellite connectivity that are disrupting existing business models for new network innovations.

There are countless reasons you should join us for this invaluable 2-day opportunity either in-person or online, but below are our top 3 reasons:

#1 Connect and Network with Global Brands

We are so excited to bring together top-level executives from mobile telecommunication, connected device manufacturers, the space industry and technology solution providers to exchange knowledge on developing and managing highly power-efficient software, driving rapid advances in ground and satellite systems, and creating resilient and scalable networks. With top brands like GSMA, Huawei Technologies, Deutsche Telekom, Eutelsat, Google, Hispasat, European Space Agency and more attending, this is the perfect atmosphere to build the foundations for new professional connections during the networking breaks and the unique networking dinner at the end of day 1.

#2 Discuss the Latest Technologies & Innovations in the Sector

By joining this summit, you will gain insights into scaling satellite connectivity, combining Non-Terrestrial Networks with other technologies, overcoming security and interoperability issues, and aligning the emerging communication ecosystem. Attendees will also explore the transformation currently taking place due to the revolution in satellite communications.

#3 Discover Solutions to Drive Your Business Forward

Attending the summit gives you direct access to networking with industry professionals and comparing satellite connectivity performance to expectations. You can gain a competitive advantage by hearing first-hand insights into how their organizations prepare for the increased onslaught of connected devices and getting their perspective on the most efficient action plan. Whether you are reconnecting with old business relationships or creating new connections, you will be able to leave the summit with practical steps for the best practices of seamless conversion to satellite connectivity.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague or virtually through our online event application!


Request your free brochure for more information about the World Satellite Connectivity Summit and to see the full line-up of speakers. Once you are ready, purchase your ticket here!