Technology isn’t the only thing impacting the Television Industry, consumer voices are having a greater impact now with the help of social media and content developers creating an emotional bond to the storyline or characters. From campaigning for a show to be saved to petitioning to have a season rewritten entirely, consumers are finding a way to have their voices heard.

The days of only being able to access a limited number of channels are far behind us so how do companies gain new viewers and retain them in a market of almost endless options?

Here are some areas to focus on:

1. Analyze your audience

Is your audience watching newer original content or shows/movies they have seen before? Do they want to watch shows with optional storylines or maybe they are looking for more OTT options? All of these things are important to know about your audience when deciding how to retain them or when trying to expand your customer base.


2. Consumers + TV Innovations

Even though advances in technology aren’t the only thing persuading viewers on which platforms to watch their favorite shows, they definitely have a significant impact and it’s better to stay ahead of the race than be caught off guard. According to the 2019 Consumer OTT report, OTT usage is 65% for viewers ages 18 - 34. As Gen Z viewers begin to enter the market, these numbers are only expected to rise.

The report also states the average OTT customer owns three devices they can use to watch OTT content and subscribe to three different OTT services. So the idea of too many OTT platforms does not seem to be an issue yet but it is definitely an area to think about, especially with Disney+ launching later this year.


3. TV, Social Media & Audience Reactions

TV innovations are rapidly changing the market but as the market evolves the way the audience feels about platforms and content changes as well. It is important to keep up with the emotional impact your content is having on your audience and the best way to evaluate that is through social media. Creating content that overflows into a conversation online helps generate more viewers and ultimately a higher ROI for your business.


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