Modern Automation can be a huge investment for companies with employees doing monotonous tasks that require very little thinking. If you have people behaving like robots, maybe it is more beneficial to have robots behaving like humans. This is the goal of Robotic process automation (RPA).

RPA interest has only been growing a few years and experts are not expecting that slow down anytime soon. The outsourcing profits have been leveraged with RPA's approach to automating repetitive tasks.

The manual processes are inefficient, and the errors are created and the work environment is created for your employees. With RPA companies can:

  • Increase Speed of Reducing Errors in Customer-facing Processes to Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • It allows employees to focus on higher-value projects, improving their business results and their own satisfaction with their work
  • reduce manual data edits, increase the quality of data, reduce compliance risks and simplify audits since RPA

 rpa infographic

Global brands are already using hundreds of bots and there are numerous RPA tools available in the market. Here are 5 you may want to utilize for your business:



1. Another Monday


Another Monday offers automatic process analysis and centralized administration. Three of the best features of Another Monday are:

  1. Automatic documentation of process logic
  2. Drag & Drop workflow
  3. Quick scaling



2. Linx


Linx offers an RPA platform with no code. Three of the best features of Linx are:

  1. Hosted cloud service
  2. Easily Integrates with Legacy Systems
  3. Trigger automation with timers



3. WinAutomation


WinAutomation is the world’s longest-standing desktop automation tool. Three of the best features of WinAutomation are:

  1. Over 300+ pre-built actions for automating tasks
  2. Web Automation supported on 3 major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
  3. Desktop RPA, avoids server installation



4. Jiffy RPA


Jiffy RPA’s motto is making integrated automation accessible for all and they have helped their Fortune 100 customers do just that. Three of the best features of Jiffy RPA are:

  1. Built-In cognitive engine
  2. Scalable, server-based architecture
  3. Open API ready



5. Automation Anywhere


Automation Anywhere is an RPA tool that combines language understanding and reading any unstructured data. They are a platinum sponsor of the event and will be in attendace to share their insights in the industry. Three of the best features of Automation Anywhere are:

  1. Automates complex tasks quickly
  2. Distributes tasks to multiple computers
  3. Offers script-less automation


The 2nd World RPA & AI Summit will provide an ideal platform for RPA & AI professionals to discuss opportunities to automate working activities, partnerships between RPA providers and cognitive technologies vendors, intelligent automation and AI techniques and data processing.

Attendees will learn how to integrate automation and cognitive technologies to drive your business forward. Experts within the industry, from brands such as DFCG, Microsoft, IBM and more, will discuss current challenges and opportunities for RPA & AI innovations.

If you hold a key position within your organization within the RPA & AI industry then this year's summit is a must. For more information about the summit and learn about the speakers, download your free brochure here!