Manufacturing has become more complex than ever. New technologies are scaling up manufacturing strategies and 2020 has only highlighted how important it is to incorporate digital transformation strategies with remote capabilities to have a holistic view across your entire factory.

In manufacturing, digital transformation requires the seamless integration of both information and operations technology.

More and more digital innovations such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, modeling and simulation, cloud computing and big data analysis are being used in the manufacturing process and can transform factories to become smarter and more effective.

That is why we are excited to invite you to join us and global brand leaders during the 6th Annual Smart Manufacturing Summit on April 22nd and 23rd, 2021!


This hybrid edition is designed as a two-track event on Robotics & Automation and Manufacturing Excellence, so you can focus your attention on the sessions that resonate with your personal goals.

This 6th edition will focus on the implementation of intelligent, digitized and automated smart factories to transform the manufacturing industry.

By joining Track A (Robotics & Automation) you will hear from major global brands such as Toyota, Pwc, 3M, Henkel and more about the evolving trends in factory automation with game-changing technologies.

Track B (Manufacturing Excellence) will explore achieving operational excellence with intelligent factories and you will experience keynote speakers from Pirelli, Ecolab, Tenneco, Roche and others.

Elisa Smart Factory will be returning as our Gold Sponsor and Kari Terho, General Manager, will open the discussions on the first day that will cover how to ensure success and ROI with real-time insights.

The Boston Consulting Group is another Speaking Sponsor for the upcoming event. Alexandre Biau, Partner & Associate Director, will be sharing insights on how to get the best out of Industry 4.0 and manufacturing analytics.


We are looking forward to discovering how real-time data and manufacturing analytics speed up response time and can even enable manufacturers to respond to potential issues before they happen.

The 6th Annual Smart Manufacturing Summit is an amazing two-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and gain knowledge through immersive learning, real case studies and expert analysis.

For those who are able to travel, we will have a limited number of in-person tickets available. For those who prefer to attend the event from the comfort and safety of their home, you have the option of virtual access.

Both tickets will provide the same great conference experience you can expect from Luxatia International and we are looking forward to discussing the new pathways that recent innovations open up to make manufacturing smarter.

Request your free brochure today to discover the full lineup of speakers and see the complete event agenda.

Tickets are available now! Register today to save your seat so you don’t miss out on this invaluable event.