Continue reading to learn more about insights shared by our 9th Corporate Learning and Development Summit Gold Sponsor, Retorio


What is Retorio?

Retorio stands as a ground-breaking AI Coaching Platform that seamlessly integrates machine learning with insights gathered from psychology and organizational research to propel learning and development within organizations.

At the heart of Retorio's capabilities lies the immersive AI-powered video simulations that are specifically personalized for all individuals in a company with the utilization of behavioral intelligence. These video simulations provide captivating role-playing scenarios in order to train and develop the targeted skills of teams with realistic scenarios. Additionally, the personalized on-demand feedback allows learners to receive immediate and sustained behavior development and organizational performance improvement.

Retorio not only brings unmatched scalability for L&D departments that struggle to provide quality training materials with growing operations, but it also redefines how individuals and teams within the company train and develop within their fields, bringing talent development to a new dimension.

What do we provide?

With top-notch learning materials in different fields such as sales, leadership, or customer service, Retorio provides effective and engaged training programs that are scalable, sustainable, and personalized.

Retorio also provides easy-to-use, psychologically safe learning materials for employees. Unlike the traditional methods of training where employees might not be comfortable with the environment, Retorio's AI-powered platform provides employees with a safe environment where they feel under less pressure as well as the comfort of having the training in any silent setting. Thanks to these elements, employees feel less burdened with the concept of regular training and they feel more enthusiastic about their courses, which ultimately is what's necessary for L&D departments and what Retorio provides: sustainable learning.

Our AI coaching is also scalable for organizational growth. Unlike traditional coaching which gets harder to execute on a greater scale, AI coaching provides growth regardless of the struggles of a large L&D operation. It turns large-scale training into a personalized coaching experience for each employee.

What do we do in this event?

We are proud to be the Gold Sponsor of the 9th Corporate Learning & Development Summit. Being part of the international leading L&D community enables us to explore the role of Behavioral Intelligence and AI in explaining, predicting, and influencing employee performance.

Beyond that, it’s how we collaborate with enterprises in deploying AI coaching to identify behavioral patterns, observe the behavior changes and train winning behaviors among their sales, customer service and leadership teams. We also aim to inspire and build a corporate culture where AI coaching is well integrated into the training routines. We are incredibly excited to exchange insights with our like-minded peers, create new partnerships, and initiate fruitful collaboration across industries.
Join our Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Dr. Patrick Oehler in the following sessions:

● Day 1, 16:30, panel discussion: “Building blocks of the future L&D Strategy”
● Day 2, 11:20, presentation: “Is AI the more empathetic coach? - Why and how enterprises use AI Coaching for high-impact L&D”

Last but not least, visit our booth, meet our Account Executive Jan-Hendrik Schwarz, and investigate the power of our AI coaching platform for the future of Learning and Development. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!