For the longest time HR tasks were handled manually but with advances in technology, companies can expect less paper and less outsourcing or people needed to complete processes. Companies can boost their earnings, productivity, and employee happiness through effective HR policies and the integration of new technologies.

According to PwC, the top three future priorities for human resources technology include tools for acquiring talent (49%), employee experience (48%), and skills mapping and career pathing (46%).

With so many effective methods to encourage employees to learn and use new technology tools, it can become confusing which areas to focus on first on your implementation journey. Our upcoming 3rd HR Innovations Summit will bring together HR experts, training, recruitment, onboarding, diversity and inclusion specialists, technology solution providers and other industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise on the future trends in HR and day-to-day process automation techniques to improve company performance in the digital age.

Let’s look at some of the top HR trends in 2022:

Establishing Agility Strategies through Innovation

Internal mobility is becoming critical for transformational HR, and tactics like Upskilling and Reskilling play an important part in retaining talent and making sure that workers are staying updated on the changes that happen. The organization's and HR's roles are to develop a learning roadmap, foster a supportive enabling atmosphere, and invest in and provide employees with the necessary resources and technology.

Join us in December to hear case studies from Getronics, Beiersdorf, Novartis and others on how to fill the gap between what the innovation or technology promises and the actual capability or skills of teams.

Data-driven Opportunities

At every stage of the candidate and employee journey, data is collected by a variety of HR technology platforms, but human resource managers and their teams struggle with how to use the data. However, once this barrier is resolved by training, you can utilize data-driven decision-making to anticipate trends and potential issues or opportunities in talent management. This data can also be used to see which HR programs have the highest business impact and to allocate their budget accordingly.

At our upcoming 3rd HR Innovations Summit, speakers from Deutsche Telekom, ING, Circle Health Group, Schneider Electric and more will share their perspectives on implementing a culture of data-driven organization excellence.

HR Digital Transformation for Better Employee Experience

If you have a strong culture that people resonate with, the productivity coming out of that culture will be dramatically higher than those who don’t place emphasis on improving the employee experience. Gone are the days with blanket e-learning programs, and in their place are personalized professional development programs that empower individuals, increase employee engagement, improve individual performance, and ensure high employee commitment.

Speakers from Bayer, N26 & The LEGO Group will present their case studies during our Summit about digital transformation strategies for the next chapter of HR transformation.

We’re also excited to kick off our 3rd HR Innovations Summit with a workshop day on Wednesday, December 7th.

The day will include three engaging workshop sessions where trained and experienced facilitators will offer their insights on enhancing culture and people development, as well as, introduce novel ways of thinking to the group.

Join this year's summit to achieve a competitive advantage, establish new strategies for growth and explore the recent trends, techniques and implementation of cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are transforming HRM.

For more information about the summit, download your free brochure today! When you are ready to join us, register here.