This October The Design Thinking Summit is heading to Prague for a special 2-day event.

Design Thinking is a complex approach that draws upon a variety of techniques in order to discover possible solutions to organizations within. The summit will enable leverage from design thinking in product innovation and customer experience whilst explaining how to open new channels to creativity within your business.

The summit is packed with industry case studies from noteworthy speakers, twenty hours of networking with top global executives and insightful panel discussions, not to mention the documentation package with over 100 pages on the summit (available upon request).

As the urgency for innovation is higher than ever before, organizations are trying to find creative ways to grow in this design-centric culture, by putting more emphasis on the user experience.


Key Practical Learning Points to Be Explored at the Upcoming Design Thinking Summit:
  • Bringing Practice of Design Thinking from Creation to Production
  • Technology, Strategy and Customer Lead Product Design
  • Comparing Design Thinking to Other Innovation Strategies
  • Embedding Customer Centricity Product and Service Design
  • Government's Role in Supporting Industry Design Strategy Development
  • Reaching Competitive Advantage by Deep Understanding of Customer Needs
  • Building and Sustainable Innovation Pipeline with Help of Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking and Its Role in the Future of Experience Design 
Attend this year's Design Thinking Summit in order to gain competitive advantage, establish new strategies for growth and lead your team to achieve success by efficient design thinking practices. For more information about the 3rd Design Thinking Summit, download your free brochure today!