Digitalizing the Procurement Industry - Overview

Digitalization within the procurement industry is becoming a significant concern for many organizations. Currently, 53% of organizations utilize eProcurement solutions, and the number is rising. A recent Hackett Group study showed that over the next three-five years 85% of procurement organizations will be transformed due to digitalisation from the back end of procedures right through to the distribution. RPA, cloud-based applications, big data, innovative analytics and mobile computing will all be significant factors in this transformation, not to mention the rapid growth and advancements in AI technologies and how attainable their becoming.

It is suggested that by 2035 the human to machines in procurement ratio will be 1:100. With figures like this many organisations are looking at digitalising their procurement systems quicker than expected.

The upcoming World Digital Procurement Summit will provide a platform for key business stakeholders and technical experts to examine the benefits of implementation of recent digital procurement technologies and best strategies of how to reinvent your procurement organization.

It will also be a great chance to exchange knowledge on eProcurement, smart utilization of Big Data analytics, RPA, AI, Machine Learning and other technical advances in procurement with industry leaders.

The World Digital Procurement Summit has a noteworthy lineup of speakers from major organisations such as the Airbus Group, Erste Group, Nokia, Vodafone, Maersk Group, UNIQA, Mondel─ôz International, the Institute for Supply Management and Electrolux.

The summit will investigate unusual cases of digital procurement, who are the best providers for your industry and how to engage organisations with cutting edge technologies while exploring the latest digital procurement trends and their applications.

Key speakers will show attendees how to upgrade their procurement channels to a new level, build an ecosystem of extended partners and how to create a digital strategy for procurement within an organisation as well as how to drive innovation and business value using cognitive procurement technologies.

The World Digital Procurement Summit is a must for Senior Level Executives within the procurement, supply chain, logistics, AI technology,  machine learning, digital strategy & transformation, strategic development and process improvement & excellence from any industry. For more information, request a brochure now: [HERE]