We are thrilled to host our first annual World Legal Design & Innovation Summit on December 2nd and 3rd.

The evolution of legal technology has progressed significantly over the last few years. However, according to Wolters Kluwer, only 34% of lawyers believe their organizations are very prepared to keep up with technology changes in the legal market. Legal design thinking can help break down the technology barrier by introducing different design techniques to innovate how a lawyer, law firm or company extends legal products, services and advice to their clients.

The legal sector can take advantage of user research to make the user experience more engaging and create solutions that are more creative, collaborative and leads to the law being delivered in a different way & remain relevant to the societies it serves

The World Legal Design & Innovation Summit will focus on unleashing the potential of Legal Design to reshape the legal framework and bring effective and ethical innovations to the sector, as well as, encourage lawyers to adopt forward-thinking strategies with an empathetic mindset.

This event will bring together professionals from corporate legal departments, law firms, courts and legal design agencies to discuss how legal design can improve delivering legal information and change the mindsets of lawyers.

We will have the pleasure of hearing from top expert speakers from major brands such as Google, Baker McKenzie, UBS, Dentons, Cisco, KPMG, Deloitte and other key players in the market about their experiences on the opportunities and challenges associated with the application of human-centered design in the legal sector.

The Summit will provide in-depth knowledge on how visualization and information architecture are helping users to orient legal products and services towards actual, underlying human needs. They will also discover expanding efficiency in the legal department through process analysis and process optimization.

Join us on our virtual event platform that offers a wide range of networking and contact-building opportunities that connects all attendees in one convenient location so you can form valuable business connections, share challenges you are experiencing and receive real-time feedback for practical solutions. The application also gives you the possibility to schedule 1-on-1 virtual meetings, share materials with event attendees and participate in discussions and Q&As.

You don’t want to miss this invaluable 2-day opportunity to connect with industry leaders and gain real-time insights on the latest industry opportunities that will help to drive innovation in your organization and overall in the legal industry. 

You can receive more information about the World Legal Design & Innovation Summit by requesting your free brochure and then when you are ready to join us, register here.