In today's data-driven world, organizations have to become increasingly aware of the compliance and ethics issues relating to customer data. Evolving data privacy laws and regulations, increasingly stringent data security requirements and the rise of digital e-commerce and cloud computing are major elements driving organizations’ new compliance journey.

Companies that do not comply with data protection laws can face fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of their global annual turnover, whichever is higher.

With so many regulations in place, companies must find ways to stay compliant and efficient while still meeting business needs. Compliance is no longer just about following the rules. It’s also about embracing new technologies that can help businesses be more agile and innovative while staying compliant with different countries’ laws.  

The upcoming World Data Transfers and Compliance Summit will take place on March 30th – 31st, 2023 and will bring together privacy professionals, compliance officers, ethics advisors, internal audit and risk experts to discuss comprehensive strategies to overcome the biggest compliance, audit, and data transfer challenges.

Let’s examine some of the major data transfers and compliance trends that will play an important role this year:

Data Compliance and Ethics

Data compliance and ethics are becoming increasingly important to organizations as they seek to protect their customers' personal data, while ensuring that their own processes meet legal standards. It can establish awareness among customers about whether and how their data are being used and doing so in a transparent and confidential way. Prioritizing ethics not only builds a strong bond with customers, but also minimizes the chance of large fines due to data leaks or transferring data that shouldn’t be shared.

During our World Data Transfers and Compliance Summit, speakers from CEVA Logistics,, BD, Huawei & others will share their knowledge on driving digital transformation for maintaining a good level of compliance & securing data processes.

Cross-border Data Transfers

As countries create and implement new regulations concerning data, cross-border data transfers have become an increasingly complex issue. In response to this growing problem, many companies have sought ways to minimize the risk associated with cross-border data transfers like offshore hosting solutions that allow them to store their data in a jurisdiction outside of their home country; others have chosen cloud-based or on-premises storage options that comply with local privacy laws.

Speakers from Bausch + Lomb, Microsoft, Swiss Re, HARTMANN GROUP & more will present their case studies during our Summit about innovative strategies for international data transfers.

Global Risk Management

With data breaches and cyber-attacks becoming more prevalent, the need to stay compliant while meeting business needs is even higher than ever before. To stay on top of these changes, many organizations rely on risk management to help them identify, assess and manage their risks. It’s a continuous process that helps organizations make good decisions about how to manage their data.

Join us in March to hear case studies from Swiss Cyber Institute, Globalization Partners, Canadian Solar, Market Logic Software and more on the future landscape of risk management and building a culture of cyber resilience.


With the incredible line-up of speakers and the topics they will be discussing, this event is a must-attend for high-level executives and professionals in the industry looking to explore the latest trends and technological advancements for data transfer tools and policies.

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