Operational efficiency is one of the most crucial aspects of airport operations and gone are the days where it can be achieved through manual processes. Integrating the right digital solutions will help airports proactively address operational challenges, optimize operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. According to Statista, 81% of airports will test business intelligence technology in the next three years.

Understanding data and using it strategically for improved decision-making will enhance the way airports operate and deliver services, resulting in better outcomes all around.

Several different technologies & strategies will be discussed at our 3rd Annual Airport Operations Summit which will bring together top-level executives and experts from the airport and aviation industry to participate in an open industry dialogue on new advances in processes and technology to improve the overall airport experience.


During this hybrid event, we will have the pleasure of hearing practical case studies from major influencers such as IATA, Genève Aéroport, Fraport, Copenhagen Airport, Royal Schiphol Group, Miami International Airport and many more.

Throughout the two-day summit, speakers will share their insights on airport digitalization and automation, as well as, how innovations are rapidly changing day-to-day operations and creating new perspectives for the airport industry. They will also deliver actionable next steps revolving around data-driven approaches to improving passenger experiences, queue management and passenger flow strategies, sustainability and master planning development, airfield management and many other important topics.

We are also delighted about the support of our sponsors for this year’s edition.

Our Gold Sponsor, Dallmeier, provides video security technology and video surveillance solutions that can help inform better decision-making, support security staff and processes, & improve the customer experience. Don’t miss their keynote presentation on April 20th at 9:50 am!


And then we also have the opportunity to hear insights from our Speaking Sponsor, Nagarro, on April 21st at 9:10 am. Nagarro can help airlines adopt a digital-first approach, enabling them to run intelligent and agile operations powered by data and automation.


This hybrid edition gives you the flexibility to join us in Prague or to connect virtually from anywhere. By joining, you can establish valuable business relationships and receive real-time feedback on the challenges you’re currently facing & discover what the best practices are for pushing the industry forward.

Don’t miss this fantastic two-day opportunity to gain exceptional knowledge from like-minded peers about the latest developments in airport operations. We can’t wait to see you in Prague or online through our event application!

You can receive more information about the 3rd Annual Airport Operations Summit by requesting your free brochure and then when you are ready to join us, register here.