From IoT and AI to ML to embedded insurance and blockchain, these innovations have fundamentally reshaped the industry's landscape. As these technologies mature, decisions will be informed by data-driven insights, bringing a new era to the insurance industry.

According to a report from McKinsey Global Institute, the implementation of big data results in 30% better access to insurance services, 40-70% cost savings, and 60% higher fraud detection rates that benefit both customers and stakeholders. These recent innovations are also helping companies to design improved, flexible, and personalized policies, engage customers in new ways and protect and manage large data sets.

Several different technologies & strategies will be discussed at our 2nd World Intelligent Insurance Summit which will bring together InsurTech specialists, brokers and researchers working in health, life, automotive, home, employee, product and various other insurance types to discuss the future of insurance.

Let’s examine some of the major trends that can help improve the insurance industry:

Technological Innovations in Insurance

New innovations are reshaping the insurance sector, as cutting-edge tools like aerial drones, satellite-derived radar imagery, dynamic computer vision, and transformative AI expedite claims processing. Utilizing data from real-world sources in real-time, insurers can leverage a diverse range of inputs to streamline and automate the claims management process.

Join us in November to hear case studies from Willis Towers Watson, Deloitte, Kooperativa, RSA, Qatar Insurance Group and more on how advancements are reshaping the industry and improving predictive risk assessment, refined pricing strategies and enhancing customer interactions.

Insurance Business Strategies and Partnerships

Forging effective business strategies and partnerships holds a pivotal role in shaping the industry. This dynamic approach enables insurers to not only adapt to changing market dynamics but also harness the power of collaboration to drive innovation and customer-centric solutions. As traditional models blend seamlessly with technological advancements, expertise sharing lays the foundation for sustainable growth.

At our upcoming Summit, speakers from Wefox, Livewell by Zurich, Centene Corporation, AXIS Capital, Groupama, Aviva and others will explore reinventing insurance through the launch of new partner startups or collaboration between insurance providers and operators.


Participating in the 2nd World Intelligent Insurance Summit is a crucial step for professionals and technology enthusiasts looking to stay at the forefront of the industry. Beyond the invaluable knowledge from our esteemed speakers, the summit also offers multiple networking breaks to make valuable business connections with industry leaders, further enhancing your professional growth.

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