The COVID pandemic has catalyzed the growth of the widespread adoption of mobile and online banking. Now, banking institutions are shifting to provide a seamless journey that incorporates different digital tools to give customers the flexibility to bank any way they want.

Juniper Research estimates that the total number of online and mobile banking users will exceed 3.6 billion by 2024. In order to stay up to date with the ever-changing customer demands and market fluctuations, organizations must capitalize on the latest digital transformation trends revolutionizing the industry.

Several different technologies & strategies will be discussed at our 5th World Digital Banking Summit which will bring together banking, financial services and FinTech professionals to discuss how integrated solutions are shaping the future of digital banking.

Let’s look at some of the top banking trends in 2022:

Embedded Finance

Banks have shifted their focus from branch-only interactions to offering specific, branded digital experiences through FinTech innovations in order to stay relevant in today’s market. Banking products such as loans and lending, BNPL, payments, digital wallets, and rewards can be embedded directly by the bank without having to go through a third party. Embedded finance can help solve the significant rise in customer demand for integrated banking experiences and provide a more holistic experience for banking services.

Join us in September to hear case studies from International Finance Corporation, Railsr, Solarisbank and more on how banks are taking on different roles and the opportunities that embedded finance can have.

Open Banking and Data Sharing

With open banking, you can manage all your financial accounts through a single digital platform and allow apps to integrate to offer a more personalized experience. It can streamline and automate processes, build a stronger innovation culture, and increase customer retention. By collecting data interlinked throughout the banking experience, banks can offer better products and services, tailored to the specific needs of every client.

At our upcoming 5th World Digital Banking Summit, speakers from Open Banking and Société Générale will share their perspectives on increasing competition, opportunities, and innovation through open banking.

Customer-centric Banking Model

It’s important that banks understand who their customers are and what they value in order to build a meaningful relationship that goes beyond just transactions. The key to customer-centricity is to leverage predictive analytics and provide services that are hyper-personalized so that banking can evolve from product-based to customer-based.

At our upcoming Summit, we will have the opportunity to explore key strategies for accelerating digital transformation through a customer-centric lens from brands such as Starling Bank, Virgin Money UK, and Sydbank.

How do you find the perfect balance between personalization and new digital business models?

Throughout the 5th World Digital Banking Summit, speakers will share their own experiences on the best practices of successful implementation of AI, ML, NLP, big data, predictive analytics and other advanced technologies in banking. They will also delve into the next chapter of the digital banking experience, open banking capabilities, intelligent algorithm technologies and disruptive banking models, as well as, pitfalls and success factors for leveraging automation.

We are also excited to have the support of our Gold Sponsor for the summit, Softserve. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with them to see how their services can help provide a seamless and personalized omnichannel banking experience enabled by cloud, data, and AI/ML.


Attendees will have the pleasure of hearing case studies from top expert speakers from major influencers such as Association of German Banks, Virgin Money, Deutsche Bank, Société Générale, International Finance Corporation, Lloyds Banking Group and more. Connect and learn from the best while taking a closer look at valuable insights on building future-oriented banking models and providing a customer-centered experience while following regulations and ensuring security.

Join this year's summit to achieve a competitive advantage, establish new strategies for growth and lead your team to achieve success by discovering the latest intelligent technologies and trends impacting both back-office and customer-facing processes.

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