As we emerge out of the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to identify ways to equip employees with the workforce skills they will need most to be successful in the future and to enable the culture of corporate development for continuous learning.

According to McKinsey & Company, 87% of respondents say their organizations are either experiencing skills gaps now or expect them within the next five years. Using strategic learning to drive the skills needed in future work and using learning as an enabler of agility can help close this growing gap and overcome the challenges of current learning programs.

Our 7th Corporate Learning and Development Summit will be hosted from May 11th – May 13th and will be filled with workshops, networking and discussions around the most effective learning and talent development systems to shape the next generation of the corporate learning and development landscape.


We will be starting our event with a Workshop Day with three workshop sessions where trained and experienced facilitators will offer their expertise to help individuals grow professionally and expose the group to new strategies and techniques.

The next two days of the Summit will feature top expert speakers from major influencers such as Yara International, Microsoft, Nestlé, Amazon, SAP, L'Oréal, Philips and many more.

Day 2 will have several practical case studies from industry professionals which include topics such as driving a strategic cultural and digital transformation through integrated learning opportunities, upskilling and reskilling the workforce in a constantly changing world, and developing personalized learning with game-based learning experiences.

On day 3, there will be more beneficial sessions on the different methods, tools & best practices on keeping up with the changing outlooks of corporate learning and development. We will cover topics that include exploring new mindsets in the age of AI and other advanced technologies and finding an ideal strategy for making behavioral changes within your organization.  

Don’t miss this three-day opportunity to join us and global executives for engaging workshops, interactive sessions and insightful case studies that will help set leaders up for success by exploring the recent industry trends.

You can receive more information about the 7th Corporate Learning & Development Summit by requesting your free brochure and then when you are ready to join us, register here!