Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing technologies being adopted in many different industries all around the world. Many law firms and global brands had already begun integrating Legal AI into their practices prior to the pandemic but the past year increased the speed in which these organizations were investing in and using Legal AI to help stay on top of increasing workloads from many different locations.  

AI has the capability of analyzing data to help it make predictions about the outcomes of legal proceedings better than humans and to remove mundane tasks from daily operations, giving these professionals their time back to focus on more pressing business matters. New data-driven technologies are disrupting long-established practices and legal professionals find themselves with new challenges to overcome while on their implementation journey.

The upcoming 4th Legal AI Summit will take place in Berlin, Germany on October 7th-8th, 2021 and this edition will focus on the technological advancements assisting legal professionals in their day to day operations by taking a closer look at the latest innovations being adopted to mitigate risks and improve internal processes and policies while revolutionizing overall legal best practices.


This hybrid event will bring together legal experts and AI specialists to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the business strategy of AI implementation. We have the pleasure of hearing from global brands such as Dentons, Mundipharma, Siemens, Nestlé, Deloitte & more about their personal experiences with implementing AI and ML & the advancements it can bring to your staff and organization.

Luxatia International is constantly working to provide an ideal space that facilitates meaningful discussions around global tech and networking opportunities with like-minded professionals to empower the future of innovation. And we are looking forward to connecting with you whether you choose to join us in Berlin or virtually from the comfort of your home. No matter which participation option you select, you can still fully experience our summit’s workshops, interactive sessions and networking breaks through our online event platform. This provides you the opportunity to connect with your peers prior to the event and stay in touch even after the summit is over.

Join this year's 4th Legal AI Summit and gain a competitive advantage, establish new strategies for growth and lead your team to success by exploring efficient AI practices.

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